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The Great White Media Story

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Hey there!

I’m John, the founder of Great White Media. With over 10 years in ecommerce, I’ve seen it all — from SEO to social media and everything in between. But my strength is email and SMS marketing, which I believe is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business today.

When I’m not busy helping businesses grow through email marketing, you can find me enjoying the sunny Southern California weather with a walk on the beach, jamming on my guitar, cooking up a storm, or getting my adrenaline fix with car racing and mountain biking.



Our vision is to make life better for everyone we work with. We’re on a mission to help 7-figure eCommerce brands grow, and our Email and SMS Profit Accelerator™ has helped our clients increase their annual revenue by 25% without any extra ad spend.


What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering world-class service. I’ve developed a powerful framework for exceptional results, and all team members are handpicked based on their expertise and strong ethical standards.


At Great White Media, people come first. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and team, and we’re known for our top-notch results and efficient processes. 

Great White Media


People come first, always!

We make things happen!

We have an insatiable desire to learn and grow

Respect and honesty are non-negotiable

We’re passionately dedicated to creating value

We’re a beacon of light

We contribute to society

We Believe In Doing What's Right, Doing It Well, And Doing It Differently.

And Most Importantly, We Believe In Making A Positive Impact On People's Lives. ​


At GWM, we take email and SMS marketing seriously. That’s why we’re proud to be expert-vetted and in the top 1% of our industry according to Upwork. We’ve also been named Impact Company of the Year by Dot Com Magazine and listed on the Brainz 500 Global list.

So if you’re looking for an email and SMS marketing partner who’s committed to not only fueling growth, but also making a difference, look no further than Great White Media.

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