Masterclass Day #1: 25% Growth in 90 Days* Using Email & SMS

Are you genuinely harnessing your brand’s full potential? The vast majority aren’t, and the reason is shocking but easily fixable. Dive into the strategies that give leading brands their edge and experience the transformations ahead!

  • 3 hidden dangers when implementing Email & SMS.
  • Stand out in a crowded D2C market.
  • Transform once-off shoppers into loyal aficionados.
  • Optimize for growth: Beyond mere design and copy.
  • Your blueprint for elevating the success of your brand.

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Meet John:
The author of "The Ultimate Ecommerce Growth Playbook"

John Moussan is an e-Commerce growth expert, vetted as the top 1% in his field. Leveraging his engineering background and business experiences, John created powerful strategies to add 25% more revenue within 90 days for DTC brands.

John’s been featured in several publications, including Dot Com Magazine, Digital Ad Brief’s Marketing Champions, and the Brainz Magazine Global 500 list, where he’s also an executive contributor.

He is the founder & CEO of Great White Media, an award-winning elite global email and SMS marketing agency based in Southern California. His top core value is putting people first.

His vision: To build better lifestyles for his customers, his team, and the community.

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