ROI Calculator

This estimator helps you gauge the ROI of your email marketing channel. 

It does not guarantee any results. 

Your actual ROI may vary based on your business, market conditions, customer behavior, and other factors. However, we have found this estimator to be a reasonable baseline.

Notes & Assumptions: 

  • Engaged profiles, conversion rate, average order value, and monthly costs are assumed to remain stable over time. 
  • Simply sending more campaigns does not guarantee more revenue, there will be diminishing returns and this will depend on each business, size of list, frequency of sending, messaging, and other factors.
  • You can find the average conversion rates for your industry on the Klaviyo website. You could use the data from your account, however it may not be accurate since when you work with GWM – chances are your metrics will be improved.
  • To increase revenue from campaigns ultimately lies in increasing the size of your list, increasing the recurring order frequency, and other factors.
Email Campaign ROI Calculator

Email Campaign ROI Calculator

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